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How to protect ur system from VIRUS

Posted on: September 19, 2008

NOTE:You must unhide the system files first.

This post helps a lot to those pupil who don’t want any virus in there computer.

You should do following thing to protect your system from VIRUSES-

1. HAve an updated antivirus program i recommend Quick Heal plus 2008 because it actually repairs the file in 90% cases.

2. If u recieve an email attachment from an unknown source delete it

3. If u recieve an email attachment from one of your freind, first confirm from it and before opening read the complete file name of the attachment. Viruses most probably have the extension like these

“school girl.avi.vbs“, “hot.jpeg.bat” etc always look at the last extension.

4. When you want to use a pen drive or any usb drive, CD/DVD Drive then as soon as you connect the drive presss SHIFT key it disables AUTORUN. Now scan it from ur antivirus program. If u r not satisfied then do the following

open cmd

type the drive letter of ur usb drive say H: and press enter

now look for the Autorun file if any using DIR command

If there exist AUTORUN file then type AUTORUN.INF and press enter

the autorun file is now opened in notepad

Sample Autorun File[autorun]
open=foo.exe bar
action=Foo Bar
label=My backup data

Observe which program is executing automatically as in the above example

Foo.exe, setup.exe, option1.exe, option2.exe are executing automatically

so to delete them go to cmd prompt

type the drive letter say h:

and then type

attrib autorun.inf -s -a -h -r

del autorun.inf

attrib foo.exe -s -a -h -r

del foo.exe

attrib setup.exe -s -a -h -r

del setup.exe.exe

attrib option1.exe -s -a -h -r

del option1.exe

attrib option2.exe -s -a -h -r

del option2.exe

Now u r safe to open your drive.

Here is another way to customize the autorun option

Variable Number Hexadecimal
No autorun at all 181 0xb5
Autorun only CDROMs 149 0x95
Autorun only flash drives 177 0xb1
Autorun both CDROMs and flashdrives (the default) 145 0x91

5. If you have created setting in your email to view the emails without opening it that is on clicking one of the email its preview is enabled then also

disable it, because it also harms ur computer.

3 Responses to "How to protect ur system from VIRUS"

Thanks for information…. Visit Back.. OK…!!

plese give best anti virus to protct system from virus .

And how to get it ?

by ur explanation, it means that to disable autorun for USb, we include value 95 instead of 91( default value)??

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