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IP Address to a IP Number

Posted on: September 19, 2008

How TO convert an IP Address to a IP Number?

IP address (IPV4) is divided into 4 sub-blocks. Each sub-block has a different weight number.

To calculate IP Number the formula is given below

IP Number = 16777216*a + 65536*b + 256*c + d

IP Address = a.b.c.d

For example, if IP address is ““, then its IP Number would be

IP Number = 16777216*127 + 65536*4 + 256*5 + 13
2130706432 + 262144 + 1280 + 13


1 Response to "IP Address to a IP Number"

I am looking for my IP number for my wordpress site, so my domain can point to it, while having my mail servers point to a different place. Can you tell me how to get my IP number? Thanks.
Jolene jo@funspecialist.com

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