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Rename New Folder

Posted on: September 19, 2008

Whenever you create a new folder by usng contextmeu New>New Folder or by using cmd (or by any means) the default name of thet folder is “New Folder“. You can chnage it to anything else i have change it to “Welcome Ritesh“. Now every time i create a folder the default name is “Welcome Ritesh”. To do this just open Resource Hacker (click here to download) and open Shell32.dll now go to


here change the word “New Folder” to “yourdesiredname”

and click compile script. Now save this as shell32.dll in any folder except c:\windows\system32

Now open Replacer (click here to donload it) go to c:\windows\system32 click on shell32.dll drag and drop it on replacer now click enter. Now go to your folder where you have saved your modified shell32.sll file drag and drop it on replacer and click enter it will prompt you that do you want to replace type y and press enter. Now every time you craete a filder the defaut name of the newly generated folder will be “yourdesiredname”.


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