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SHUTdown remote Computer

Posted on: September 21, 2008

Type shutdown –s into command prompt and that will give a message that the computer will shutdown in 30 seconds.
U can abort the shutdown by just typing shutdown -a & it will abort the shutdown.

Everyone knew about this command, to get more information about a particular command go to cmd and type
command_name /?

Now the switch which i like the most is -m
have you ever used it.The –m switch will let you shut down computers on the network and all you need is the ip address or the computer name. Once you get the ip address or the computer name just type shutdown –s –m \”ip address/computer name” in to cmd prompt you can use any switch with this command.

1 Response to "SHUTdown remote Computer"

but i want to shutdown 24 pc in a LAn network remotly..
but when i do tis cmd its working.but when i save it in .bat extension,it was just running..the cmd page….not working..

so how can i shutdown multiple pc’s.?
hope u will mail me..

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