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Download Youtube video (Fastest ever)

Posted on: February 9, 2009

I know you already know a lot of websites that provide you the facilty to download videos from youtube, thankz to google that make life easier. Most of the site asks you to copy paste the url of the video and click to get download link.

And that is quite good and fast but PWN Youtube gives you a better simple option. Just follow the simlpe 3 step to download a video.

  1. View a video on YouTube.
  2. In the URL location box, type pwn in front of youtube, and enter.
    How to download videos from youtube
    Works for any country or subdomain.   For example: uk.pwnyoutube.com

  3. Get links to download the video.   ( no software,  no copy/paste! )
so got it how easy it is no problem of copy paste just add the keyword PWN after www. and hit enter.

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